Shapeshift Dream Productions  is a film & media communications company that creates persuasive issue campaigns in an artistic way, across diverse platforms.
The intersection of art, social and political engagement is a central element of our work. The notion of the artist as one who shines a light on the desecration of the profound has been a driving force for us. Shapeshift Dream Productions® is a film and media communications company with an important mission: to build persuasive issue campaigns across both traditional and digital channels of the information landscape that position and strengthen specific messages that can allow for a profound shift in perception. We also think of ourselves as progressive change agents specifically around health and the environment as well as politics and women’s issues. Shapeshift Dream Productions  is currently in the process of raising funds for A Crack in Everything an independent feature film about a community devastated by the effects of hydro-fracking.

Shapeshift Dream Productions® has decades of experience in the film and media world working with such complex issues as the environment, health and women's issues, translating empirical data into relevant storytelling that connects to people's everyday lives and empowers them to act. 

Varushka Franceschi

Actress /Producer/ Screenwriter /Director